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Periodic reviews

Leoni  S.p.A. offers its experience in the sector in compliance with the regulations in force of the Consolidated Law on Safety D.L.G.S. 81/2008, which states that the storage equipment must periodically be checked according to the UNI EN 15635 "STATIC STEEL STORAGE SYSTEMS-USE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE STORAGE EUIPMENT".

The periodic reviews carried out by our qualified and trained inspectors consist in the general visual inspection from the ground: disposition of loads, verticality and  integrity of the frames, beams deformation, anti-release devices, ground anchorage and accessories (nets, breaker, pallet-stopper, guards etc.) control of the charts for the loading capacity and certificates.

After each periodic visit is issued:

  • Layout with arrangement of warehouse shelving highlighting the anomalies found with reference symbols and colours (green – yellow – red).
  • Drafting of the inspection report with periodic revision of the shelving systems.
  • Offer for possible restoration.

Periodically verifying the storage systems guarantees the safety of the personnel in the warehouse, business continuity, avoids restoration work and the related sudden costs.

A warehouse according to law is protected from sanctions and always in step with its needs.


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