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In a market where the quality is “a standard” our passion is for the uniqueness through a way of continuous improvement, where the technical-aesthetical features of our products are the center of attention.


We don’t invest in a research of productive techniques, that are developed by a logic of “reduction in weight for the same loading capacity”, as it’s not compatible with our business philosophy regarding the passive security of our systems, secured by the high thickness; we invest to optimize the general business management improving the competitivity and keeping the same “substance” of the product.


We are unique, who exclusively use DOMEX 355 MC steel for every type of joint beam/upright, unique like our intermediate floors absolutely at the top of the market for their security and aesthetics. Unique, who produce the frames for middle/heavy duty with a thickness less than 2 mm. or to determine the deflection of our beams (L/250) with the stricter rules than the regulated ones.

Unique and exclusive, like our colours.


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