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In 2014 the C.I.S. Compagnia Italiana Sali S.p.A.  contacts the Company Leoni

Scaffalature with a request as precise as provocative…Designing and Building an industrial shelving with high resistance to salt and moisture corrosion.

The request was very clear and the goal as well, the intention of C.I.C. Sp.A. was the replacement of all its existing traditional shelving with others that would guarantee  greater resistance ,over time, to all the components of the system.

The shelving, although recently purchased, already had high levels of corrosion causing difficulties even for the necessary maintenance.

It was not just a “challenge” with a possible future client, but for Palolo Leoni, President of LEONI S.p.A., it was above all an opportunity to realize,after the anti-seismic SISMO of 2012, a new and innovative product in the shelving sector and the project and the development are starting.

DURABLE is born, the first shelving that integrates a double differentiated treatment of galvanizing, anticorrosive powders, paint powders and stainless steel.

An exclusive product with excellent characteristics, specific for damp and saline environments and in presence of lubricants and solvents, excellent resistance to corrosion and a considerable increase in the operating life of the plant, substantially reducing the intervention costs for maintenance, restoration or replacement.

A Drive-in system with a capacity of about 3.000 pallets of 1.200 kg was installed at Compagnia Italiana Sali with full satisfaction of the client and all the parties involved in the project.

The DURABLE shelving and the SISMO anti-seismic are exclusively produced by Leoni.

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