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Drive-in Shelving

This structure has substantially the benefit, in comparison with the traditional systems, of giving the possibility to utilize the surface at the best thanks to the exclusion of the duty passages. For the same occupied area, it offers an optimal storage volume.
The systems can be realized with a single or double entry. The choice of inserting a central or final structure for pallets has got the double advantage of giving more rigidity to the structure and being cheaper than the classic system.
The choice of high thickness in calculating the primary components grants a structural solidity that is the basic element in this sort of system.
The static and dinamic stress is managed with high security. The lower and upper double fixing of the girder/guard rail offers the operator, in comparison with the single fixing, less possibilities of mistake by placing the pallets.
Frames composed of uprights with slots at mm. 50/75 profiled from a steel band of quality S350GD Z200 and S355MC, with sections and thickness that may change according to the loading capacity required.
Brackets realized in tubulars where we weld a steel pressed connection that has a very hight yield point DOMEX 355 MC.
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