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Pallet Shelving

The pallet racking system is the most traditional system for the easy store. The dimensions are determined according to the used truck and to the characteristics of the charge units.
Frames composed of uprights with slots at mm. 50/75 profiled from a steel band of quality S350GD Z200 and S355MC, with sections and thickness that may change according to the loading capacity required.
Beams realized with profiles in different sections and qualities (tubular, braced, shaped) at their extremities are welded some pressed-steel connectors that have a very high yield point DOMEX 355 MC. The model change according to the loading capacity required and the storage specifications.
The calculated deflection is 1/250 of the free high of deflection.
The systems are finished with accessories such as: section breakers, fixing for containers, strike protections, protection nets, fixing for pallets and other necessary things.
12 standard Colours.


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